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Downstation Blues

A Science-Fiction Novella

Earth Orbit Station–Prime, the largest of the orbital stations and home to hundreds of thousands of Confederation corporate citizens, is the system’s gateway to Earth and a jewel in the Confederation’s crown. With its pristine parklands, electrifying nightlife, galaxy-class shopping, and inspiring entertainment, life aboard EOS-1 is luxurious and carefree.

As long as you live Upstation.

For Nix, a young pickpocket working the Downstation markets and corridors of EOS-1, life is hard. And for someone who’s Unregistered forced to live off of the dregs of Upstation society, a hard life is the only life. But snatching is what he’s good at, and it’s the only way he knows how to get by. But when things suddenly get all spun out, and he’s feeling the heat from the hard-driven agents of Earth Orbit Station Security, Nix is forced to face some harsh realities about what he believes and who he cares about before he’s sent on the short walk and long drop on the Downwell Express.

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Robert Roth

Robert Roth (he/him) is a working-class queer nerd and author helping to overthrow the capitalist patriarchy one wry comment at a time. Besides writing stories and novels, he’s written hundreds of magazine and news articles, dozens of published film and video scripts, and a four-act play.

He lives in Seattle with his partner, where he enjoys writing and reading science-fiction. Robert counts authors such as N.K. Jemisin, Ann Leckie, Neal Stephenson, Rebecca Roanhorse, and G. Willow Wilson among some of his favorites. As a queer author, he likes to write about worlds where people like him, his friends, and those he cares about get to live and love just like everyone else does.

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Downstation Blues Cover

Downstation Blues

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