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Robert Roth (he/him) stands out as a refreshing and vital new voice in a literary landscape often dominated by voices from the privileged classes. As a working-class queer nerd and author, Roth uses his writing to challenge the status quo and question the capitalist patriarchy. His extensive body of work ranges from stories and novels to hundreds of magazine and news articles, dozens of published film and video scripts, and even a four-act play. Roth calls Seattle home, where he lives with his partner. As he continues pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms, Roth’s work reminds us that the stories we tell and the voices we amplify have the power to shape our world.

My Books


Rise of the Renegade Child

Book Two of The Gates Saga

While Cameron Maddock celebrates the rescue of his best friend Tony, his budding relationship with the Turani Protector Jerusalem Finn, and the surprising demise of his murderous nemesis Omni, the lingering question of his true origins still haunts him.

Years after the tragic loss of his last love, Jerusalem Finn has finally opened his heart to someone new. But a fresh mystery reveals how complicated that’s made things, forcing him to reckon with where his feelings and loyalties truly lie.

Renowned physicist Dr. Ella Carvallo is determined to discover the answers behind a series of unexplained quantum events, even if it means a journey into the shadows with the charming but enigmatic NSA Special Agent Edison Lloyd.

But the mysteries only deepen when surprising new enemies and an unexpected ally send Cam and the gang on a multiverse-spanning thrill ride in this explosive follow-up to the critically acclaimed queer sci-fi thriller Into the Lightning Gate.

Cover for Rise of the Renegade Child, Book Two of The Gates Saga, by Robert Roth


Into The Lightning Gate

Book One of The Gates Saga

Cameron Maddock always knew he was different somehow. Not just for the obvious reasons, either, but in ways he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Still, he was at the top of his game, and life was good.

But Cam discovers just how different he really is when an ordinary day turns into a nasty encounter with an otherworldly foe. Suddenly, he’s running for his life in a high-stakes, interdimensional game of cat and mouse that leads him to places he’s never even imagined. And after a pair of mysterious new companions miraculously come to his aid, Cam discovers that he’s at the center of a cosmic conspiracy that shakes the foundations of everything he knows.

Don’t miss this fun, fast-paced, sci-fi action thriller that will keep you guessing right up until the explosive ending!

Cover for Into the Lightning Gate by Robert Roth

Reviewers Say

Well executed action sequences, the ominous hum of political intrigue, personal relationships that get pulled in multiple directions, and one or two big surprises that rock the status quo.”

The Queer Review on Rise of the Renegade Child

Rise of the Renegade Child is an electrifying thrill ride packed with complex characters, breathless action, and smart, queer sensibility."

Queerspace Magazine on Rise of the Renegade Child

A fast-paced, pulpy sci-fi snack with a solid, high-concept base that hits all the right notes, enriched by its young gay multiracial lead.”

The Queer Review on Into the Lightning Gate

The story’s mysteries keep readers turning pages. Roth does a masterful job.”

— BlueInk Review on Into the Lightning Gate

An intriguing, well-constructed thriller about a tech whiz on a journey of discovery.”

— Kirkus Reviews on Into the Lightning Gate


Cover for Steal the Demon by Robert Roth

Steal The Demon

A Science-Fiction Novella

Life was good for Kimiko Yanaka until the ruthless Corporate Confederation took everything away. Forced to make a new name for herself, she finds an unexpected ally in the infamous hacker Paradox. The pair set out to infiltrate the high-security Al-Zamani Shipyard and launch a truly cosmic heist in this gravity-defying sci-fi thriller.

Cover for Downstation Blues by Robert Roth

Downstation Blues

A Science-Fiction Novella

Life can be rough for a young snatcher working the Downstation markets and corridors of EOS-1. Since Nix is Unregistered, a rough life is the only one he knows. But when he catches heat from the hard-driven agents of Earth Orbit Station Security, Nix has to face some harsh realities about what he believes and who he cares about before he gets sent on the short walk and long drop on the Downwell Express.


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