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Robert Roth

I’m a working-class queer nerd (he/him) helping to overthrow the capitalist patriarchy one wry comment at a time.

I’m am an author, editor, photographer, and filmmaker. I also work in marketing, communications, design, and event production as Jetspace Studio, where I’ve collaborated with companies large and small to provide eye-catching designs and highly effective solutions for their marketing, branding, and event production needs.

I volunteered as Publisher and Editor for Queerspace Magazine, where we told queer stories that are equitable and just, celebrating the humanity and upholding the dignity of people whose voices deserve to be heard, but aren’t. You can check out my own writing, photography, and videos for Queerspace Magazine here.

I’ve filmed, edited, and published more than sixty hours of film and video. You can watch my latest film, Drawn to Diversity, here. I wrote and illustrated a webcomic called Birdy & Oso, which may or may not be somewhat based on real-life events. I’m a freelance artist. You can check out and purchase some of my work at the Jetspace Studio shop.


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