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I’m a working-class queer nerd (he/him) helping to overthrow the capitalist patriarchy one wry comment at a time.

I’m am an author, editor, photographer, and filmmaker. I also work in marketing, communications, design, and event production as Jetspace Studio, where I’ve collaborated with companies large and small to provide eye-catching designs and highly effective solutions for their marketing, branding, and event production needs.

I’ve filmed, edited, and published more than sixty hours of film and video. You can watch my latest film, Drawn to Diversity, here. I wrote and illustrated a webcomic called Birdy & Oso, which may or may not be somewhat based on real-life events.


Rise of the Renegade Child

While Cameron Maddock celebrates the rescue of his best friend Tony, his budding relationship with the Turani Protector Jerusalem Finn, and the surprising demise of his murderous nemesis Omni, the lingering question of his true origins still haunts him.

Years after the tragic loss of his last love, Jerusalem Finn has finally opened his heart to someone new. But a fresh mystery reveals how complicated that’s made things, forcing him to reckon with where his feelings and loyalties truly lie.

Renowned physicist Dr. Ella Carvallo is determined to discover the answers behind a series of unexplained quantum events, even if it means a journey into the shadows with the charming but enigmatic NSA Special Agent Edison Lloyd.

But the mysteries only deepen when surprising new enemies and an unexpected ally send Cam and the gang on a multiverse-spanning thrill ride in this explosive follow-up to the critically acclaimed queer sci-fi thriller Into the Lightning Gate.

Cover for Rise of the Renegade Child, Book Two of The Gates Saga, by Robert Roth


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